The Different Types of Domain Name Extensions

Before starting up a business, you need to have a location for it. Whether you sell hats that are customized or you are an accountant working from an office, your business needs to have an address and exist somewhere. The same applies to any online business. Every online business must have an address. The address includes a domain name and also a domain name extension. For example, an address like
My organization is the domain name. The .org is the domain name extension. For you to start a website, you first need to register the name. To register a name first, you need to research to see whether the domain name you want is already registered or not. If the name is still available then you can register it, wait for confirmation then start using the website.
The second part of its direction, which is extension, is equally essential. For two reasons. First, it is a part of what generates traffic to your website, and also informs your visitors about what your site is. For example, is usually a business website while is an education website. These are the types of domain extensions you can choose. If you want to know about more domain extensions here are some of the companies where you can find the domain you need:  Shopify

• Generic top-level domain(gTLD)

A generic top-level domain is among the most popular domain extensions, and they include .net,.com, .biz and .org. Any person can register for these domain name extensions. Together with the general domain name extensions, other ones are restricted for use only. These domain name extensions are restricted and are reserved for only the people who use them, and they include a specific group of people or an organization. They include, .edu which are used by schools and educational institutions and the. Xxx which are restricted for use only by the adult entertainment websites.
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• Country code top-level domains(ccTLDs)

These types of extensions are known as country code extensions. These type of domain name extension aren’t many and those registering for them must live in the country or that if the website is located outside the country. Besides, a lot of country code extension cannot be searched outside of that country. For example, if your website is located in Antigua, the domain name can be The second part .ag stands for the country Antigua.
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Some country code top-level domains will give you credibility with the local people who visit your website. In rare cases, local people think that websites with the extension of their country are filled with junk information. Country code extensions tend to be more expensive than the no restricted gTLD. If you want to select a ccTLD research first if it’s searchable and whether it has a good reputation with the local people.

• New generic domain extensions

From thee begin of 2012 companies could choose new domain names called TLDs. The idea was to create more options and have creative extensions. Now you can get to choose from. photography, accountant. tips among others. Despite their hype when the new domain name extensions were launched, they didn’t get to be as popular as was anticipated. The list of the available domain extensions was supposed to expand as a lot of companies were supposed to grab them up quickly. In the real sense, the domain extensions are enjoyable to use, but they are not as searchable as the .com extension.
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When choosing a domain name and a domain extension always know that you have a lot of options. Choose your domain extension based on how easy it will be to search for it, and how simple it will be for visitors to remember your domain name.